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Tell it Likes it Needs to be Said - Safely $8

Have that annoying neighbor? That overbearing boss? Ever wish you could just tell someone what they really needed to hear - without the social ramifications? Wish you can a reliable courier to give that message? Now you can cross that line – safely!

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Using our 100% confidential courier service – your intended message will arrive and cause a flutter on your special someone's butter. Your satisfaction in our document preparation is assured! With the utmost care, we will clearly print your message on a top quality #80 lb paper stock postcard. This eye catching photo (generic touristy card) will be the convincing edge you need to really hit your message home with a punch.

We've all see those sites where you can send annoying postcards to someone who's just sat too long on your last nerve. Filled with overpriced and obviously fake cheesy photo paper – they are sad little attempts to label someone as "weird" or "smelly" or some other non-PC school-yard mudslinging. Those sites are for amateurs with no common sense or strategy about their 'get even' tactics.

All you do is let your intended special someone KNOW there's a prankster on their tail. After the initial stir as the postcard arrives from one of those amateur prank cites – the crassness & vulgarity of those common prank postcards' photos – actually take away much of the bite of your message psychologically speaking.

Don't Be a Smuck - 8 bucks & F*ck 'em Up<

Don't be like this guy - get even while you still have  a soul

And hilarity was had by all

Here we get the job done right. Speak up & say what everyone in the club is dying to! Your message clearly printed on an attractive eye catching touristy postcard. Everyone who handles the card won't be able to resist turning over this clearly legitimate personal postcard – (Who gives up a chance to a peek into a pesky person's life?) Of course they turn that card over! AND read your special message. Brilliant!
Postcard Options
Enter Your Message

Order safely and with confidence through PayPal®. Within 3 days of your order – you'll receive a message via email of 1) photos of your prankster postcard and the 2) anticipation of everyone's faces when that authentic postcard message arrives.

I am an active member of a global postcard club. Sending postcards from this very exotic location adds to the mystery and the authenticity of your custom prank.

I am a native English speaker and I will be the one printing your message. Your prank card will be mailed from one of several SE Asian countries that I might happen to be touring at that particular moment when you finally got the balls to do what needs to be done. This means – there is no way on this green earth that your special someone could find out – that you were the puppet master of this philately postal postcard prank. Order now before you chicken out. And then keep your dang mouth shut!

The first through the final steps are up to you. I can only walk beside you and befriend you.

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